Wyoming Wildscapes II

Captured over 14 months in the Wyoming wilderness, beautiful motion landscape sequences are juxtaposed masterfully with weather that he calls ‘terrorific’ — terrifying, horrific and terrific all rolled into one — in Wegner’s Wyoming Wildscapes II.


The ‘fun facts’ behind this one include the following:

  • 14 months of shooting from the first press of the shutter to the final render.
  • ~150 days spent driving, backpacking, shooting, and exploring in Wyoming.
  • 20,000 miles driven — the majority of them chasing storms.
  • 100+ miles hiked while carrying a 75-80lbs backpack bulging with time-lapse gear.
  • A total of 125,000 stills come together for a total of 75 sequences!
  • Four 1TB harddrives (six plus backups) packed to the gills by the end.

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